Schaper & Brümmer has made it their task to make available to people today traditional herbal remedies, in some cases known and practised for centuries, in the form of effective medicines which satisfy the highest demands of quality – and this, of course, on the basis of the most up-to-date knowledge from the fields of natural materials research, medicine and ecological crop cultivation. 

The roots of our success can be found in decades of know-how concerning natural materials and their processing into modern, highly effective herbal medicines.

Vision & Mission

About Us

Schaper & Brümmer is a medium-sized, family-owned pharma­ceutical com­pany: It is committed to maintain­ing and further develop­ing know­ledge of herbal medicine and human health in general. The company is located in Salzgitter-Ringel­heim. 

Vision & Mission

Experienced in Extracting

The roots of Schaper and Brümmer's success lie in de­cades of know­ledge of her­bal re­medies and their pre­paration. We there­fore have a long tradition of work­ing with natural sub­stances. The com­bination of this know­ledge and the latest re­search on the mechanisms of actions and efficacy of medicinal plants is the found­ation for the pro­duction of our phyto­therapeutic medicines.

Cultivation of Medicinal Plants

Only the best of the best: Our Plant-Materials

The best raw materials are the basis for the high­est effica­cy. Business relation­ships with suppliers from several contin­ents, built over ge­nerations, and a steadily in­creasing pro­portion of our own con­trolled culti­vation guarantee the highest quality of raw materials pos­sible.

Research and Development

Placebo Controlled…

…and double-blind. Plant extracts are com­plex mixtures. Phyto­therapeutic medicines and reme­dies must exhibit the same effica­cy, safety and pharma­ceutical quality as chemically pro­duced synthetic medicines. There­fore, at Schaper & Brümmer, we make a sub­stantial invest­ment in medical re­search and develop­ment every year.

Research & Development

Our Assets: The Employees

Schaper & Brümmer currently employs about 220 people at its company seat in Ringelheim, including commercial and scientific sales force throughout Germany.


Our World - The Whole Planet

Exports were already grow­ing in im­portance for Schaper and Brümmer in the 1960s. And in 1994, the com­pany became one of the first western phyto­pharmaceutical manu­facturers to be granted marketing authorisation for the Chinese market. Today, exports make up over 40% of total turn­over, and Schaper & Brümmer pro­ducts are avail­able in over 40 countries world­wide, from Atlanta to Zagreb.