The manufacturing process of an herbal medicinal product using Remifemin as an example.

From the controlled cultivation of the plants to the packaged herbal medicinal product, it is a long and complex path where safety and quality have top priority.



  • The journey starts with research being done on the active ingredient.

  • In a lengthy process, the plants are cultivated in order to obtain a high-quality plant extract.

  • The regulatory affairs department compiles all the research results so that the product and the necessary documentation can be presented to the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). The same regulations apply to herbal and chemical-synthetic drugs alike.

  • The controlled cultivation of the medicinal plants is very important; strict standards must be followed. Long lasting partnerships with our suppliers are important to us. We also strive to cultivate more and more of our medicinal plants in Germany.

  • The best herbal raw materials are needed in order to achieve the best possible efficacy.

  • The active herbal ingredient is obtained in a gentle extraction process.

  • The tablet granulate, from which the finished tablets are pressed, is manufactured at a consistently high quality.

  • The medicinal product consistently undergoes quality control tests at intermediate steps. For example, the disintegration time of the tablets is being tested here.

  • The tablet packaging line.

  • The tablets are blistered…

  • … and are packed in cartons along with the information leaflets. This is what the finished product looks like.

  • The finished product is then moved to our modern, high rack warehouse. There, it is packed for shipment.

  • The finished medicinal product has arrived at the pharmacy…

  • … and can now be bought.

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