The herbal medicinal product Femicur N Kapseln Natural plant remedy for premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Month after month, many women feel the same thing: a few days before their period begins they feel discontented and nervous, out of sorts and irritable, and allow the smallest things to set them off.

The body also reacts with unpleasant effects like painful breast tenderness (mastodynia), headaches and water retention. These diverse symptoms are gathered under the term premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Femicur N offers a natural herbal option for treatment with extracts from the fruit of the medicinal plant chaste tree (Latin: Vitex Agnus Castus). Femicur N takes effect directly in the control centre for the hormonal cycles in the brain by reducing the increased hormone prolactin. The typical physical – and also psychic – complaints arising from PMS can thus be greatly improved.

product profile

  • Active substance: Dried extract from of chaste tree fruits
  • For PMS – monthly recurring complaints on the days leading up to the period, breast tenderness, water retention
  • Regulates the hormone balance
  • Naturally effective – without hormones
  • The treatment should be followed by three regular cycles before symptoms diminish. First improvements can be expected within four weeks.
  • Erste Besserungen sind bereits nach 4 Wochen zu erwarten