The herbal medicinal product Sedacur forte Beruhigungsdragees For sleep disorders and restlessness

When stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed pursues you into the night, often lack of sleep can result. This can lead to listlessness and poor concentration, making it difficult to satisfactorily take care of business during the day.

Sedacur forte Beruhigungsdragees contain the proven tripartite compound of hops, valerian and balm, a combination that grants a good night's sleep and have a relaxed day. Sedacur forte is well-tolerable and does not cause addiction.



product profile

  • Active substances: Hops, valerian, balm
  • For nervous sleep disorders and restlessness during the day
  • Reliably effective for a restful night and a relaxed day
  • Well-tolerable – no risk of addiction