The herbal medicinal product Cystinol akut Dragees, Cystinol long Kapseln & Cystinol N Lösung For treating bladder problems

By the time the bladder is hurting and irritated, it's often too late for tea and dietary supplements, but that doesn't mean you have to reach for the antibiotics.


Active substances: genuine goldenrod, dried extract of bearberry leaves

The herbal medicinal product Cystinol akut Dragees

In such cases Cystinol akut is a solution, recommended by many doctors and pharmacists and appreciated by numerous users, who apply herbal medicine to shorten the duration of a bladder infection and lastingly to alleviate the symptoms. There is no danger of developing a resistance to the medication, as there is with antibiotics.

product profile Cystinol akut Dragees

  • Active substance: Dried extract of bearberry leaves
  • For acute, uncomplicated urinary tract infections
  • Allevitates the symptoms and accelerates the healing process
  • Antibacterially effective without the risk of developing a resistance

Cystinol long Kapseln

With genuine goldenrod for the treatment of recurring bladder infections, also for long-term therapy.

product profile

  • Active substances: dry extract of bearberry leaves, dry extract of Genuine Golden Rod herb
  • For the irritable bladder
  • Works anti-inflammatory effects and alleviates the symptoms
  • Has antispamodic and calms the bladder
  • Antibacterial and irrigating effects

Cystinol N Lösung

Containing the healing plants genuine goldenrod and bearberry leaves for, among other things, treating complaints related to so-called irritable bladders.

product profile

  • Active substance: dry extract of Genuine Golden Rod herb
  • Supports the irrigation, diminishes the rise of germs
  • Prevents further urinary tract infections