Our herbal pharmaceuticals are highly in demand across the planet. Due to our high standards, our quality products enjoy increasing popularity.

Schaper & Brümmer: A strong partner abroad

Long-term, trusting partnerships with our distribution partners abroad make our success possible. Since the beginning in the sixities, exports have been grown steadily, so that the products of Schaper & Brümmer are now available in more than 40 countries and on all continents. The company became one of the first Western phytopharmaceutical manufacturers to be granted an approval for marketing authorisation for the Chinese market.

The success of "Esberitox" and "Remifemin" in this foreign market has been continued to this day; China has become one of the most important foreign markets for Schaper & Brümmer. All products of Schaper & Brümmer are produced in Germany, followed by the export to the respective partners abroad. "Made in Germany" is a strong selling point abroad. The development of new markets, as well as the expansion of the business through new products with existing partners have top priority in order to ensure the continued growth in international business. Today, exports make up 40% of the total turnover.